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Форум » ON ENGLISH » HIPPY » The hippy revolution
The hippy revolution
ryuДата: Суббота, 25.11.2017, 07:32 | Сообщение # 1
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The hippies, hipsters, beatniks were all a branch from a tree well rooted in what is called Bohemianism. It was born in France in the 1800s, when artists, actors, poets and other lovers of the arts were staying in slum areas due to finances, they became acquainted with Romani Gypsies that had just left Bohemia(modern day Czech Republic). They were flabbergasted over how the gypsies had no regard for religious persecution, ignored the "know your place in society" motto, they lived very free of regard of what others might think, broke laws with no knowledge of why, made love in plain sight of others, etc. The artists quickly took to the lifestyle, and dubbed it Bohemianism thinking the gypsies were Bohemian, knowing they had just come from there. Artists like Klimt and Mucha unleashed all restraints, developing the Art Nouveau era. This moved to America, and was the main purpose of the ragtime era, Art Deco, and as white people started to go to black night clubs to live free, dance how they pleased, act and dress how they wanted, the roaring twenties were born, and then private clubs were established, to live bohemian. The life style was then adopted by many walks of Americans, from the very rich and elite to those that cared to not worry about possessions, but that lived for their passions and only that. That's the actual way the lifestyle is most rewarding. The beatniks, the hippies, the hipsters, all learned the lifestyle, their passions were different, but the lifestyle of leaving a controlled society and expressing yourself how you please is being bohemian. The peace, love thing was great, who wouldn't like it? The problem started when they learned native Americans used peyote for better spiritual contact. The hippies began experimental drug use. Many of you may not fully understand that many drugs being used then were not made illegal yet, reason being doctors didn't even know if they were harmful, good, bad, or whatever. The use at first was innocent, they were just looking for spiritual climax, but what happened instead was full blown addictions. The cute cool hippies whom shouted peace and love trying to incorporate a better society, became addicts, nasty and very unhygienic, most contributed nothing to society, no jobs, many went to detox and women with kids on welfare, all at the cost of the society they were rebuking. Reality, most hippies that didn't burn out turned very political, got very educated, and turned a new leaf over in the world of capitalism, and make big money every year. Don't let Height and Ashbury fool you, it was the birth place sorta of the hippy movement, but only at first, the rest was basically bums coming from all over the country, many just acting hippy, to leech on drugs to feed their addiction, free and easy sex, and to be in a place nobody will chastise their useless lifestyle. The hippy movement was destroyed by drugs, but it taught the country just how harmful they are. Had not been for the drugs, I believe the movement would still be strong today, and made great changes in our society. But being a hippy isn't wearing blue jeans, a floppy hat,(or the latest BOHO fashion the money hungry fashion labels stole from the fashion of the lifestyle)  and staying stoned. True hippies before drugs were a branch of being Bohemian. True Bohemians are only about self expression, not self destruction, and booze, weed, right on up the ladder are destruction, killing spiritual growth, and destroying self expression of ones true nature, in other words all your getting is bullshit from the addiction, not the real person. I live the lifestyle as full as I can, no drugs, just good healthy food, my paintings, my love for art, history nature and people. A humble life, but very rewarding, peace to you all....

Форум » ON ENGLISH » HIPPY » The hippy revolution
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